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Know all about your disks, networks, and storage systems regarding space usage
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You can check your storage devices one by one and browse your system’s directories and files in search of disk space usage threats, or you can use Disk Savvy Pro to have an in-depth, precise, and documented image of the real state of your computer’s or network’s storage system. This tool will provide you with all the data you need to make more efficient decisions and improve your disk and file management.

Disk Savvy Pro is an informative tool. You will not find functions or utilities to perform management tasks on your files and directories, but you will have accurate data to perform such changes manually or with your favorite third-party disk management tool. The program scanned my laptop’s disks at an impressive average rate of more than 2200 files per second, with peaks of over 6000 files per second. You can scan all disks at once or just selected drives or directories, and you can choose any of the analysis profiles stored in the Wizard to filter the scan at the earliest stage. Among other options, you can ask the program to analyze only certain types of files (music and other audio files), large files, files owned by a specific user in a network, or files created, modified, or accessed during a certain period of time.

By default, data is displayed categorized by extension, but you can also choose a different classification process among the many provided. As an example, you can view your data by file size, file attributes, user name, file type, or by creation, modification, or last access time, date, or year.

You can display and save all the information in various ways and formats. Disk Savvy Pro produces extensive reports and nice-to-look-at pie charts that you can keep as databases, images, or documents, and study to make more productive documented decisions. This is a tool that all disk management and network management professionals should take a look at. You can do that by checking the trial version that you can download from the official site, which is fully functional. The program’s Pro edition is the basic one – you can add extra functionality to it by upgrading to the Ultimate, Server, or Enterprise editions.

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  • Displays in-depth results about disk space usage
  • Outputs extensive reports and pie charts
  • Offers a wide range of analysis profiles
  • Includes its own powerful search engine


  • All the features it offers are merely informative
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